2018-2019 RULES

All official scores must be emailed to the KWSL Executive at exec@kwshuffleboard.ca or by phone
at (519) 578-8068. The home team is responsible for reporting the scores on the night of the game in
order to have accurate/updated standings.
Maximum number of players per team is 9. Minimum number of players per team is 4. A player MAY
NOT play more than 4 of the total games per night. A player MAY NOT play more than 2 games in the
first 4. Home team cleans and waxes the board prior to each game.
All teams MUST submit a player’s list, which will include contact residence, business phone numbers
and email address to the KWSL Executive, the day of the Captains Only Meeting, held prior to the
beginning of the season.
Starting time is 7:15 with a 15 minute grace period. Games must start by 7:30. If a team consists of 3
players by 7:30, they shall automatically lose 2 games. If the team consists of 2 players, they shall
automatically lose 3 games. A player arriving before the end of the 4th game will be allowed to play any
following games, but the automatic forfeiture rule still applies. Any player arriving after the end of the 4th
game cannot play any games that night. If both Captains agree to start play prior to 7:15, that will be
allowed but only the two captains can make that decision. Travel exemption: Any player who was
working more than 100 km from Kitchener the day of play, and despite genuine effort to be on time, still
arrived late, will be allowed to play. Player’s scores will count the same as if he had been on time.
Seven (7) games are played each night. One point goes to the winner of each game (no bonus points)
and all games are 15 points. If after any game is finished, the next game cannot be started within 15
minutes, the balance of the games shall be forfeited to the non-offending team. (See cancellation dates
for exceptions). All forfeits are scores of 15-0. All teams shall use standardized score sheets provided by
the league. The VISITING TEAM CAPTAIN must designate the couple he/she will appoint to play the
every game, with the exception of the second game, to the home team captain, giving the home team
the advantage of designating the people it wants to oppose these players. For the second game, the
home team will designate whether or not the players who played the first game will stay to play the
second game. If the home team chooses to leave the same two players up, the visiting team will then
have to select TWO new players to play the second game. If, however the home team chooses to
change the players for the second game, the visiting team will have the option of either changing their
players or leaving the same players up, that played the first game.
Minimum number of REGULAR SEASON games that must be played by each player is 10 by end of
season, to qualify for playoffs. No addition of new players can be made after December 25th.
CANCELLATION DATES: In case of adverse weather, or other emergencies, any team who will be late
or cancel for that evening MUST call the opposing team and advise them, within 5 hours of start time.
Cancellation dates are to be arranged by BOTH captains and must be rescheduled within two weeks.
Failure to do so will result in 7 – 0 forfeit to the non-offending team. Home team captain is responsible for
advising the host club that evening of cancellation of their games.
Opposing players must stand 3 feet BEHIND a player who is shooting. Talking or other distractions will
not be tolerated. *Warning the first time. Loss of one point the second time. Loss of game the third time
and automatic suspension of the offending player for the night. Fourth reported incident in the season,
player is out for balance of the season. Third and fourth incidents can occur on the same evening.
Discussions of play during a game is allowed between your partner or captain, ONLY. This must be
strictly enforced by, and incidents reported by, both Captains.
No part of the players clothing or hands shall make contact with the playing surface of the board, or the
bottom of the rocks, during a game. Warning the first time...Loss of two points the second time...Loss of
game, the third time.
Conflicting hangers will be measured, with the furthest hanger counting four points. If after measuring,
the hangers are still deemed “tied”, then and only then, they will be cancelled.
New or “recycled” Wax may be used, or a combination of new and recycled. All wax, however, whether
new or recycled, must be “Yellow Ice II”.
DIVISIONS: For playoff day purposes, there shall be two divisions, according to final standings– the top

five being “A” division, the bottom five being “B”. In the case of a 9-team league, the top 4 will be “A”, the
bottom 5 being “B”. Should a situation arise wherein the result of one game will decide the final position
of a team, the winner of that deciding game will have the choice of which division they wish to be in for
playoff day.
Captains of any “new team” applying to enter the KWSL MUST first present a detailed players list which
will include, residential and business phone numbers to the KWSL Executive and Captains Only
Meeting, prior to the beginning of the season. These lists will be carefully reviewed at the Executive
Meeting and a decision, on acceptance, will be relayed to the “New Entry Captain”. Failure to comply
with this request will result in non-acceptance of applications.
All decisions of the executive will be final.
Advance entry fee is $125.00 per team. DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 30th.
Cheques are to be made payable to Janet Johrendt, with a notation at the bottom...RE: K-W
Shuffleboard League.
When an issue arises that is not covered by these rules, then CSC rules shall apply.
Questions with regard to rule interpretations should be reviewed with the KWSL League Executive.
*REVISED 09/19/2019